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The Association® 2008-2019

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It is always ok to bring a few memorabilia items to concerts for the guys to sign (time permitting)

The Association is honored to be a member of the 2016 list of inductees into  America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame!

We are pleased to join 15 others and were chosen by a national music industry panel of musicians, disc jockeys and journalists based on the breadth, depth and influence.

~ Thank you to those who nominated and voted for us! ~

SHINDIG! Magazine has awarded The Association with the best re-issue of 2013! #1 Best re-issue of 2013
Now Sounds re-issue of:  The Association - The Association

THANK YOU Shindig!

The Association was included in the Los Angeles Times’ list as one of the best top 50 Los Angeles formed bands.

“This recording is a collection of songs that were written in four decades; the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

I never felt these songs lent themselves to the style of either of the groups I was in at the time; The New Christy Minstrels or The Association so I thought I'd record them someday & did.

...taking only 8 years to complete.”

Produced by Kauai Boy Music Publishing & BigMouseWorks Records

Larry Ramos POIPOURRI - Solo CD




On May 10th Russ Giguere and Ted Bluechel represented the original members of The Association who performed at the Monterey Pop Festival at the GRAMMY MUSEUM at L.A. Live to celebrate the opening of The Monterey Pop Festival exhibit celebrating it’s 50th anniversary! Open May 11 thru October 22, 2017

GRAMMY MUSEUM Monterey Pop Exhibit

Thank you V. Yaros for the use of your photos!

A message from Russ

People of Earth: My Association book will be out in mid-October, 2019. The manuscript has been submitted and accepted by the publisher, Rare Bird Books, and the artwork will be put together over the next few months. This has been a helluva project — like the Great Wall of China — but with more pages — years in the making! It has many stories of the band — stories known only by us. Many opinions, not just my own, but of the guys, people that know us, and people who worked with the band. I am grateful for the help I’ve received from everyone. The tales are interesting and true. We’re not quite done with the work, but at least we bees near the end!

The book’s foreword is by David Geffen. Opinions, thoughts and stories from Jules, Ted, Terry, Jim, Bruce Pictor, Del Ramos, Jordan Cole, Paul Holland, Danny Hutton, JD Souther, Bob Stane, Mason Williams, Bernie Leadon, Henry Diltz, David Jackson, Guy Pohlman, Marty Nicosia, Donni Gougeon, Craig Doerge, Ray Staar, Rick Colecchio, Joe Lamanno, Paul Stanley, Chrystal Starr Russell Klabunde, Peter Zale, Jayne Zinsmaster McCay and Valerie Yaros.

As for those no longer with us: we’ve included several written stories from our manager Pat Colecchio. Lee Liebman, our road manager, was such a big part of our early days, and you will learn about him too. And of course Brian Cole and Larry Ramos are gone — but not forgotten in this book!

Art + Meaning = Life

Bless you,