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We get some great emails from fans sharing their favorite concert memories. So this page is dedicated to you!

Please continue to send us your memories, photos & comments!

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please send us your fondest memories with the association. whether it’s your favorite concert, song or record, we’d love to hear from you!

Sold out Performance…My wife, Alie, and I just saw you last night at The Ram's Head Annapolis! SOLD OUT PERFORMANCE! You guys looked great in your tuxes and put on a FANTASTIC SHOW!  Aloha & mahalo! Bill & Allie

Magical moments occurred at the Brock Center for the Performing Arts, Mocksville, NC as The Association performed live in concert. The sixties group put on an amazing performance much to the delight of the audience.

My sister, brother and their spouses along with a family friend and I attended one the the best concerts that we have ever seen. The Association sounded great with those wonderful harmonies that has been become a trademark sound for them. Jim was outstanding as he sang lead on Along Comes Mary, while Larry and Russ did great on Never My Love and Cherish. All the guys sang great on all of their songs as well as songs they did of groups they had toured with throughout the years such as the Mamas and Papas "California Dreaming" and the Left Banke's "Walk Away Renee” and the Beach Boys "Wouldn't It Be Nice.”

After the show ended that was a "meet and greet" session where the guys signed signed autographs and chatted with everyone. They all were extremely nice and courteous.

This was the first time that any of my family had seen The Association in concert and they could hardly believe now good they sounded. A musician in our group who is a big fan of The Eagles told the guys at the meet and greet that they were better than The Eagles and indeed they were. This was truly a magical night to remember as Jim, Larry, Russ, Del, Jordan, and Bruce gave a performance that we shall always remember.  ~Lee~

Best Pop Vocal Group - I've been a fan since was a small child in the 60's. As I have aged, I've come to realize that The Association were the best Pop Vocal Group of their time.

I have become friends with Jim Yester when I booked him to play in my now closed restaurant a few times. A great guy!!! Their harmonies sends shivers down my spine... Peace Bobby

My “Association Vacations”

Although I have been an Association fan for over 40 years, my new favorite Association memory happened recently.

I started watching the Association web site postings for an upcoming show in my area of the country. There was a listing posted for Calumet, MI, about 350 miles away, but it was TBA. Since my husband had to submit his vacation request at work, we decided instead to go to the Mt. Dora, FL, concert, slated for February - about 1000 miles from our home. We ordered VIP seats, and couldn't wait to go. Then, at the beginning of January, it was announced that the Calumet, MI concert was confirmed--so we decided to go there too! I was thrilled, and thought that things could not get any better, until--we arrived in Calumet and discovered that The Association were staying at the same motel as us!! We got to meet Russ, Larry, and Jim at the motel's continental breakfast! What a blast! The show that night was great, and we had a wonderful time. After the show, the band talked with whomever came up to the stage. We got to meet the entire band. I even got my picture taken with Jim.

I thought that things couldn't get any better, until--the next weekend. We arrived in Mt. Dora, FL, and looked forward to the concert. The VIP tickets included 4th row center seats and a meet and greet with the band to follow the show. Again, we really enjoyed the show. Afterwards, we met at a local restaurant/pub. We had food and drinks and socialized with the band. ALL of them remembered us from the previous week. Jim and a military buddy of his from the '60's sat at our table and talked over old times. Then Russ came over and sat down with us and we were able to talk with him for quite awhile. I was even able to get my picture taken with him. I also got a hug from Larry, who remembered both my husband Jeff and me by name.

I don't think things can possibly get any better than that...but who knows? There ARE more show dates to come!

Ruth (Cakes) Wisconsin

Merriweather Post Pavillion

The Association sold out the Merriweather Post Pavillion on July 20, 1969 which was about 20,000 seats. They arrived for the show to an empty parking lot most likely assuming the show started later. Eventually a few people started to trickle in. Everyone stayed home to watch the moon walk. (Blair)

Thank you for the use of your audio!

 For me you unseated Motown
I was in 5th grade (1967) when I discovered the amazing sound of The Association. You actually unseated Motown music as my number one passion (I am a native Detroiter). I never understood why you were so underrated. To me, you are the most incredible musicians! Your outstanding voices, prolific lyrics and harmonies that punctuate the message behind every tune created a musical experience that no other band could match. It’s no wonder to me that you are so well connected with your audience. You love your fans as much as we love you. I am now 53 years old and I still enjoy seeing videos of you from past and present. Even though many years have passed and membership has changed, you still deliver a high caliber performance. May you keep on bringing that happiness for many years to come! Missing Larry and Russ ~ Maggi B.

 Of course I listened to your hits on the radio in the mid and late 60’s but my two best memories come from 1972 when you did a show at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona - Not a large gathering – just a thousand or so but it was really great to see you all up close. The second time I saw you in concert was 1976-77 timeframe in Tucson Arizona. A large club setting and again you all did not disappoint. Your music is timeless and a welcome respite from the junk that is heard on regular radio today. I guess that’s why I stick to Christian radio now. Thanks for the memories and the music. Scott E.

We really enjoyed your performance last night at Mountain Winery. My “cherished” wife of 49 years and I last saw you on our first date, when you were in concert at Miami University in 1966. Your songs brought back a bunch of great memories for us.

Keep up the good work! I am sure you have meant a lot to many happy  couples. Dick H.

My local band was hired to open a concert for The Association around June 9 or 10, 1967 (?)

Sgt. Peppers had been released June 1; we had worked up the Intro and With a Little Help from My Friends ahead of the show date. Naturally, we used the medley for our sound check.

By the time we had finished, a couple of the guys from The Association, who had gravitated to the front of the stage asked us, “Hey, did you guys write those songs?”

“No---we wish! Those are from the new Beatles album. Haven’t you heard it yet?” Apparently,

their tight schedule had kept them unaware. We always carried a small portable record player (pre 8 track-HAHA) with detachable speakers in our bus and since our lead guitarist lived only a few blocks away, he ran to pick up the album. For the rest of the afternoon, there we sat in the middle of the Des Moines Ice Arena flipping out over SPLHCB and talking music.

They were looking forward to playing the upcoming Monterrey Pop Festival; sounded like it was going to be awesome!

Pretty exciting times that year. What fun! The Association were terrific that evening. They opened with Enter the Young which blew us away, and first hearing of Requiem for the Masses was  stunning. It later became a staple of our sets and was a crowd favorite.

I also recall their stacks of Jordan Amps and how impressive their vocals were LIVE vs recorded.

That day is easily One of MY FAVORITE MUSICAL MEMORIES. Fred L.

Just saw your Riverhead,N.Y. appearance...just great!

In 1969 I purchased new VW bug. It was equipped with a new (and short-lived) music format called a playtape cassette. The car came with 6 play tapes,one of which was the Association. I listened to that tape every morning on my 90 minute commute to college. You guys were great then and nothing has changed. Steve M.

I was a senior at Roger Bacon High school in Cincinnati in 1970. Our high school band went to camp over the summer and as seniors we had our own cabin with a record player. Association albums were played over and over until they were worn out. We knew every song by heart and played and sang along. They really appealed to us because of the musicality of the music. Great harmonies and lyrics were a step up on other music at the time. Now when I hear the music it takes me back to those great days. Thanks for all of the memories! Dave H.

My husband and I are huge fans of The Association and have been since the late 60’s. We still have our 8-track tape of the greatest hits, that we wore out playing when we were dating in high school

…..….lol! Have the vinyl, as well.

We just attended your concert in Branson, MO this weekend. Love, love, loved it!!!!!

Great concert, brought back a lot of great memories. We drove 4.5 hrs to get there. Hoping to catch you again, we enjoyed it that much! Thanks for being a special part of our memories, M&K

Funny story (to me anyway.) I was flying from Chicago to LA on my way to San Diego, might have been ‘67-68 because I was in the Navy. When the plane rolled up to the gate and we were all getting off a whole lot of people at the airport started screaming and having a heck of a good time and I’m thinking what a great reception lol.
Turns out, The Association was flying on the same plane. Been a big Association fan ever since! Bill J.